Our family grows by 1

We are so happy to share with you that last week we became the mommy and daddy of baby Emebet!  She is a 7 month old girl with intense eyes and a beautiful set of dimples from Northern Ethiopia. She is absolutely wonderful!

After finishing our adoption application some months ago, to our great joy we met little Emebet for the first time on April 30th (the feast day of Our Lady of Africa). The name Emebet, pronounced Emma-bet in Amharic language means “special lady” or “honoured woman”, a name they often use for Mary the Mother of Jesus.  We have decided to keep it for our special little lady.

At the final court session last Tuesday, the judge asked us: “Now when I sign this paper the judgment will be permanent, so are you certain that you want to adopt this child?” We responded with our full “yes!” and became Emebet’s mom and dad for the rest of time.  We embrace these days ahead as we get to know our little one, and she us.

We feel we have a lot of love to give as parents and we have opened the plan for our family to the wind of God’s love which so far to our huge delight has blown in the way of us welcoming Emebet Joy as our first child.